Human Body Sephirots

Linda especially recommends that the Middle Pillar Meditation be used after one has undergone an emotionally traumatic experience. It is specifically used to quickly achieve a high degree of relaxation so that one can recenter their psyche. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the chart in front of you. The purpose of this ritual meditation is to access and move the channeled lightforce of divine energy through “the middle pillar” which is the middle column of the three column system of divine energy transport described in the section of the website entitled Introduction to Kabbalistic Meditation. This also corresponds to the chakra system of subtle energies described in Vedic Meditation.

Begin slow deep rhythmical breathing. Relax…Continue breathing and begin to relax the body beginning at the top of the head all the way down to your toes. Focus on gently release mundane and extraneous thoughts out of your mind until you are able to briefly sustain a blissful state of connected nothingness. This skill takes time and patience, so just relax and accept where you are on this journey. Meditation must be cultivated over time through a continual rhythm of practice. However, keep pushing the envelop and over time your will become better at releasing extraneous thoughts.

Imagine a sphere of white light above your head. Vibrate (at middle c) the name “EHEIEH” (Eh-HEH-yeh = I AM). Repeat the name at least three times. While still keeping the imaginary ball of light above your head begin to pull down an imaginary string down with a second imaginary ball of light to the region of your throat.

While imagining a second sphere of brilliant white light at the throat or “Da’at” center. Vibrate the name “YKVK ELOHIM” (Yod-Kay-Vav-Kay Eh-loh-heem = the Lord God). Repeat vibration until it is again your only thought. While keeping the two imaginary balls of light in place, pull a string with a third ball of light out of the second ball bringing it from Da’at Center to Tiferet (heart, solar plexus). Vibrate the name “YKVK ELOAH VE-DAATH” (Yod-Kay-Vav-Kay Eh-loh-ah veh-Dah-Ath = Lord God of Knowledge) from the third sphere of brilliant white light at lest three times. Then pull down an imaginary string attached with a new fourth sphere of light down to Yesod, the sexual center. Envision a sphere of brilliant white light and vibrate the name “SHADDAI EL CHAI” (Shah-dye El Chai = Almighty Living God) at least three times while envisioning this fourth ball of light with the other three lights from above that are still glowing with radiance..

Then while keeping the other four balls in place, pull down an imaginary string attached with a new fifth sphere of light moving down to Malkuth, at the feet and ankles. Vibrate the name “ADONAI HA ARETZ” (Ah-doh-nye ha-Ah-retz = Lord of Earth) at least three times.

The “middle pillar” is now complete. Using your breath, run the light up and down the middle pillar. Imagine the light rising up the front of your body and down your back. Allow the light to spread out throughout your body simultaneous with your breathing to strengthen and protect your fields. Now, starting at your feet, visualize the light rising up in a ribbon that spirals around the outside of your body until it reaches Keter where it again starts its down word descent throught the middle pillar.

Visualize the light rising up the “middle pillar” above Keter and then imagine a shower of light surrounding the outside of your body as it descends to Malkuth again. Circulate the light in this manner. Starting again at Malkhut, visualize the light rising up in a ribbon that spirals around the outside of your body up to Keter. Finally, spiral the energy back down into Tiferet and seal it in there for equilibrium and balance. Relax as the spheres of light fade off.