Recent Findings Hints Quantum Physics Binds DNA

In what would be a potentially explosive finding, a team of scientists at the National University of Singapore suggested that it is quantum entanglement that holds our DNA together. In quantum entanglement, two objects are connected by an invisible wave that allows them to essentially share the same existence. If something happens to one object, it immediately happens to the other, regardless of their apart.

Elisabeth Rieper and colleagues at the National University of Singapore say this entanglement might hold the DNA double helix together. According to MIT’s Technology Review, Rieper and colleagues used a theoretical model of DNA in which each nucleotide consists of electrons orbiting a positively charged nucleus. The movement of the negative cloud is a harmonic oscillator. When the nucleotides bond to form a base pair, the clouds must oscillate in opposite directions or the structure won’t be stable. Rieper and colleagues asked what would happen to those oscillations when the base pairs are stacked in a double helix. The helix should vibrate and fall apart, but it doesn’t because the oscillations occur as a superposition of states — meaning they oscillate in all possible states at once. A quantum entanglement that effectively holds it all together. Rieper and colleages say that in a standard analysis, there’s not enough energy to hold DNA together, but their quantum theory makes it work. Proof will have to follow to confirm their theory.

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David Freud comments:

So it appears that an oscillation of “all possible states at once” may be the glue that holds DNA together. This sounds suspiciously like the Kabbalistic concept of what the called “the seed level of creation” where all possibilities are contained in potentia at the DNA or seed level of creation. The “pre-determined” DNA in an infant already contains within it reveals the physical appearance of that individual when he or she grows into adulthood. One day, it will be shown that the spiritual force behind this is YHVH, the ineffable name of God. YHVH = A,C,T, G, the four nucleotides that make up DNA. The pervasiveness of God, however, goes far beyond the domain of genetics. Every day of the week, every week of the year, contains a cycle of revealment from its seed level to the level encoded on The Tree of Life (See A Guide to Kabbalistic Meditation booklet on our website). This includes all aspects of history including which nations fight in wars, who emerges as leaders, etc.

Here is an analogy to make this spiritually abstract concept come alive. Think of all these types of events as reels of film that show various alternate endings. These reels have already been shot and are “in the can”. Linda has channeled that through the spiritual technology of Kabbalah, it is theoretically possible through quantum consciousness to alter a pre-determined DNA structure or a given ending of an event on earth and instead put in its place a new alternate ending. This is the basis behind miracles.

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