About this Blog

A Leap of Faith is our forum to pontificate about those things that matter most to Linda and me. Our book, The Healing Gift touches on some of these subjects. It does not, however, cover all the things we are passionate about. As you might imagine, since the release of the book, are lives have been in a bit of a whirlwind. Between the demands of her practice, parenthood, promoting the book, running the website, upcoming ecommerce business (The Healing Gift Catalog) and other media activities, we will have to juggle time to write our entries in this blog. Sometimes the muse will move us like crazy and other times we may take a break. We don’t know yet. We also plan to feature the writings of  guest bloggers whose work we respect. That said, here is what you can expect to find:

David/Linda News – This is news about what is happening in our professional lives in regards to Linda’s work as a healer or my work as an author of The Healing Gift. This could involve television, radio, the internet, magazine articles or speaking engagements. The submenu section entitled Speaking Our Minds gives us a forum to discuss current issues of the day.

Wellness – This covers the medical waterfront with the latest research on anti-aging medicine. No ancient or modern modalities are off limits any longer as they all may be called upon to optimize wellness by fighting the scourge of undiagnosed environmental toxicity that is overwhelming humanity. This sad trend is occurring in new and frightening ways that have a myriad of unforeseen consequences. In the age of rationed Obamacare, knowledge, even more than money, per se, is the critical form of health empowerment. There is a great deal of knowledge that is now easily available; that paves the way for a more graceful soft landing as we age instead of the jarring hard landing most people instead  experience. Either learn what is the human equivalent of how to change the oil every 3,000 miles or risk instead becoming a statistic on a government chart. Learn to think for yourself and discern what real healing is instead of what is  largely forcefed to us by a healthcare system and media that has been bought off and paid for. The decision is yours.

Food – One of Linda’s favorite past times is gastronomy. As a long time foodie, she holds deep culinary convictions and can wax eloquently on the virtues of biodynamic/organic produce, the demise of Gourmet Magazine or the latest episode of Iron Chef. This section is a forum for Linda to share her favorite recipes and whatever else she feels moved to discuss on the subject. As a healer, she is also well aware that food is medicine for the body, the emotions, and the  soul. It has an amazingly transformative ability to heal. This has been documented in virtually every culture throughout human history. Today, more than at any time in human history, a deeper awareness exists of the biochemical mechanisms that are unlocked when certain types of food are ingested. The best of these foods are referred to as superfoods. They can rightly take the place along the other forms of natural healing that includes nutraceuticals, herbal and homeopathic. In addition, through her channeling gift, Linda and I have learned that that there is no such thing as a universal diet, although some universal truths regarding what or what not is healthy certainly do apply. As a result, we have developed what we believe are some interesting advances in customizing a healing diet based on one’s biochemical individuality. While diet by itself does not often heal complex chronic degenerative conditions, it is an important adjunct or piece of a bigger healing puzzle. The right diet can definately aid the healing process while the wrong diet is the equivalent of pouring gas on the fire. The dietary paradigms that intrigue us most include Metabolic Typing, Glycemic Index, Anti-Candida Diet, and new research on how the neuroendocrine system can influence metabolism. Some of this is discussed in our main website by going to the booklet entitled Healing & Dietary Services.

Environment – Both Linda and I are deeply committed and passionate environmentalists. We believe that the earth is a living vibrant conscious entity and abhor industrial efforts that assault and violate the earth’s ability to revive itself. Conversely, we are also capitalists who, on a case by case basis, subscribe to the belief that good design (that is planning with environmental consciousness) is much better and need not be more expensive than bad design (planning without environmental consciousness).

Inner Space – This involves aspects of our spiritual path including the ways Kabbalah teaches us to connect to the lightforce of God in our daily lives.  It also will be a forum for work being done by top mathematicians and rabbis on the Torah Codes.

Outer Space – This involves recent scientific discoveries or theories on cosmology and physics. These discoveries often raise more questions than they answer, some of which can only be answered in the realm of spirituality.

Music – In my “previous life” which occurred before I met Linda (and which is briefly hinted at in Chapter 1 of The Healing Gift), I was a musician – a pianist, composer, song writer, and performer. Up until 1990, it was my grand obsession as I have actively played piano since the age of 6. As the transformation of many aspects of my life occurred through my illness in the early 1990?s and the resultant spiritual awareness that ensued, one of the few aspects of my former life that remained was my unabashed love of music.  I still listen to many types of music including classical, jazz, rock, R&B/gospel, folk, new age, and ethnic music. Over the years, I have amassed an extensive collection of recordings. I will use this section to review old favorites of mine as well as review new albums I enjoy.

High End Equipment – I also have a long time fascination with high end audio equipment. I am always on the prowl for the holy grail of reasonably priced stereo gear that vastly exceeds the norm at its given price point. In particular, I like tube gear but also admire audio designers who build solid state equipment with tube-like warmth. I seek out speaker manufacturers with innovative designs/materials that stress an open, neutral sound with great imaging, and computer audio systems/components that recognize the benefits of a digital music delivery system while still striving to retain an analog musicality. I name names and have an agenda. I will champion those small companies I believe in that exhibit integrity and musicality in their products and business.

Talented People – This section offers portraits of truly talented people whose work is either goes unrecognized or is, at the least, deserving of a wider audience. It may include musicians, artists, photographers, web designers, architects, scientists, inventors, writers, philosophers, chefs, or just anybody we deem to be cool.