In their final blog post of 2010, the prestigious Malibu Beach Recovery Center, a leading faculty recognized for its unique holistic approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, offered up a glowing first hand account of medical intuitive Linda Freud’s revolutionary approach for working with addicts in recovery. The article was based on Linda’s successful treatment Khalil Rafati, owner of Riviera Recovery Sober Living House, the premier holistic sober living facility in Malibu. Malibu Beach Recovery Center and Riviera Recovery recently established a unique transformative program for Linda’s clients who suffer from addiction, alcoholism, depression, and anxiety. The program addresses the very real physical, emotional, and spiritual problems of the recovering addict.

Khalil Rafati of Riviera Recovery

Linda’s program is specifically designed to alleviate the chronic suffering of those caught up in the downward spiraling cycle of drug or alcohol addiction, depression and anxiety. Here is a brief overview of the program: For those in the throes of alcohol and/or chemical dependency, the client will enter Malibu Beach Recovery Center’s residential program for detoxification and treatment. Once stabilized through a 30-day holistic detox and treatment program employed by Malibu Beach Recovery Center, the client transfers to Riviera Recovery Sober Living for further stabilization and treatment by Linda. Working under the medical license and auspices of Dr. Thom Lobe M.D., of the Beneveda Medical Group in Beverly Hills, California, Linda employs a dazzling array of holistic protocols for detoxifying addicts from harmful pathogens and toxins that have severely compromised overall health and immunity. Pathogens may include hard-to diagnose fungus, bacteria, parasites, and viruses that have proliferated through substance abuse. Drug, alcohol, and other environmental toxins are effectively removed from the body through a sophisticated program of cutting edge natural supplements.

Linda’s extraordinary gift of channeling angels and spirits allows her to receive incredibly detailed and accurate levels of diagnostic and treatment information by means of a pendulum coupled with a series of very comprehensive databases of medical information. Linda’s experience with addicts has led her to conclude that in addition to ignoring the health warnings of drug and alcohol addiction, they have also ignored the health implications of toxins that also affect the general population – things like mercury poisoning from silver amalgam fillings, electromagnetic pollution from overuse of cell phones, and the multiple health risks of smoking. These toxins lodge in different organs, tissues, and glands throughout the body and are difficult to diagnose through conventional means.

While the particular healing goals of anyone afflicted with an addiction disorder are unique to that individual, certain generalizations regarding a deterioration of their physical, emotional, and spiritual health can be drawn. This is a true breakthrough in mind-body-spirit medicine. The key components of Linda Freud’s Addiction Treatment Program include:

Liver Detoxification – It has been understood in both Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Kabbalah that people suffering with liver disease (i.e. often the result of undiagnosed liver toxicity) often have anger issues.  No amount of psychotherapy can fully eliminate this if the liver is toxic.  Drugs and alcohol are usually the chief contributing factors to the many forms of liver disease. Have you ever wondered why most drug commercials on television say “do not take if you have liver disease”? It is because over time, these drugs will actually cause liver disease! The drug companies are then forced to find new customers whose livers are not yet so polluted. Liver detoxification is best facilitated through a program of natural supplements and remedies that may include amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, herbal remedies, liver flushes, and homeopathy.

Biological Terrain Assessment for Acidosis – the single most common variable that Linda finds when she channels her addiction clients is that drug and alcohol poisons create an acidic terrain in the bodily fluids that allows them to become a breeding ground for undesirable pathogens such as fungus, parasites, bad bacteria and virus. To wrap your mind around how this biochemical process works, think of your blood as soil. The way you amend the nutritional and pH balance of the soil determines whether you will grow beautiful begonias or weeds in your garden.  Acid promotes a fermentation process in the body.  Here is a good analogy:  A brewery brews beer in an anarobic (oxygen free) environment using yeast and hops. As the yeast promotes acidosis, the fermentation process continues to suck out the remaining oxygen. The bodily fluids of the addict are a bit like a “mini-brewery” in the body.  As fungus increases due to toxicity from drugs or alcohol, levels of oxygen decrease.  As the oxygen suck-out continues, exhaustion will accelerate.  This is a core cause of chronic fatigue and exhaustion. An important initial goal for the recovering addict is to alkalize an acidic biological terrain through diet and supplements. An Anti-Candida Diet is an alkalizing diet.  However, as we shall see, there is no such thing as a universal diet – even for addicts.  One size does not fit all.

The Role of Diet in Helping to Heal Addiction – One of the most valuable services that Linda provides is to channel a customized diet. While diet alone will not usually cure chronic conditions, it is an essential part of a larger healing equation to helps to facilitate real healing. Conversely, the wrong diet is the equivalent of pouring gas on the fire. Depending on one’s biochemical individuality, an optimum healing diet for the detoxification process could range from being a purely vegan diet (a completely raw vegetarian diet) to a diet that allows for animal products. The process of dietary customization is channeled from a very complete list of various food and food categories.  The diet is temporary and “fluid” as Linda puts it and is determined by the level of toxicity as well as the level of undesirable pathogens (primarily fungus and parasites) that a person has. If a person is highly toxic, the diet, at first, may seem somewhat restrictive. The upside is that the individual always reports that they are feeling better since getting on their new diet. As the detoxification part of the process gets underway, and the overall toxin burden is reduced, a greater variety of foods can be added into the diet. The dietary models that Linda works with include Metabolic Type, Glycemic Index, and Anti-Candida Diet. For more information see the Healing & Dietary Services Booklet at

Congested Processes of Elimination – Although this concept might seem obvious, we are perpetually amazed at the number of mainstream and holistic practitioners who do not understand it.  The first rule of eliminating toxins from the body is to open up the body’s “sewer system” before dumping more toxins into it. Linda refers to this phase as “prepping the body” for detoxification. Not doing this first can cause real problems that can unnecessarily complicate the detox process. This concept is stressed far more vigorously in Germany and Switzerland, where Linda did her early studies than in America.  Specifically, this involves opening up the lymphatic system, the kidneys, and the colon. In easier cases, this can be accomplished through special natural drainage remedies from Germany that Linda works with.  In more “stubborn” cases, a lymphatic massage therapist and colonic therapist that Linda works with may be brought in to do the job.

Neurotoxin Removal – Years of drug and alcohol abuse lead to an accumulation of toxins that have a direct bearing not only on emotions, but more surprisingly on one’s cognitive function (it’s the old hippie joke on doing drugs from the 1960’s – if you remember it, you weren’t there).  As explained in Chapter 15 of The Healing Gift, neurotoxins have great bearing on depressing one’s level of serotonin and dopamine, the neurotransmitters most often associated with a sense of well-being. In the case of serotonin, for example, neurotoxins block various nutritional co-factors from correctly forming adequate levels of the precursor neurotransmitter “construction materials” that are required to make adequate levels of serotonin. Linda is able to channel precise levels of these proper nutrients that can help to restore healthy levels of serotonin and dopamine. In addition, Linda works closely with certain acupuncturists who have received special training in new acupuncture methodologies that are proving quite effective in helping to normalize serotonin and dopamine levels.

Endocrine Detoxification – Drugs of all sorts – ranging from birth control pills to recreational drugs – can disrupt endocrine function. The accumulation of other toxins, particularly heavy metals, can also contribute to a disruption in normal endocrine function. For example, a toxic thyroid can, by itself be responsible for weight gain and depression. A toxic adrenal system leads to absolute exhaustion. A toxic disruption to sex hormones causes degenerative aging syndromes – from estrogen dominance in women to low testosterone in men. These, in turn, can exacerbate negative emotions.  Toxicity in glandular systems is very difficult to diagnose and treat through conventional means.  While Linda certainly endorses advances made through bio-identical hormone therapy derived from plant sources, she believes that such products work far more effectively if toxicity is first removed from glandular systems.

Please read the Metaphysical and Emotional Services Booklet for a deeper awareness of these aspects of Linda’s Addiction Detoxification Program.  For an even deeper awareness, please read Chapters 14, 17-21 of The Healing Gift.

Metaphysical Issues – Clearly with addiction, there has been a spiritual disconnect. Lack of awareness and awe of God has led to a state where the addict cannot even honor keeping his temple – his God-given body – clean.  If the addict does not bother to care about keeping his temple clean, why should God? The spiritual disconnect may have started in this life or may be  a carry over from a past life.  In Hebrew, this is referred to as a tikkun or soul adjustment. Family members may have a tikkun with each other. This may also explain, in part, why addiction and abusive behaviors can run in a family for generations. Of course, this requires that a person be open to the concept of reincarnation. For those that are, Linda provides Past Life Research as well as identification of one’s Guardian Angel.

Emotional Issues – As surreal as it seems, Linda’s primary spirit guide is Sigmund Freud, a distant cousin of David’s. As described in The Healing Gift, Linda works closely with him to identify specific negative emotions that block the healing process as well as to help craft the detoxification program. Linda channels precise dosages of nutritional neurological “construction materials” including vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids (EFA), amino acids, glandulars, and homeopathy.  In addition, she is a big believer in flower and gem essences which take the “edge” off of negative emotions without any drugged feeling or side-effects.

Persons interested in this program should contact Joan Borsten at Malibu Beach Recovery Center at (800) 366-8101.